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Invent Something!

Meet Makey!

Makey is an electronic building block platform that snap together with magnets and allows you to create inventions.


Color Codes

Makey consists of six different categories and each category has a different color.


Each Makey snaps together with strong magnets and you can not snap them the wrong way.

Compatibility with Legos

All Makeys are designed with suitable sizes for Lego pieces and can be combined with Lego from top and bottom.

How Makey Works? How Makey Works?



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Creative Thinking

Expand your imagination to design something new.

Do It Yourself!

From consumption to production by removing obstacles

Team Work

Allows teams to work on larger projects.

Problem Solving

Gain ability to think algorithmically.

6+ Age
For everbody at every age!
800+ Schools
It is used by hundreds of schools.
The Most Awarded Educational Kit in Turkey
Lifetime Support

Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.

John Dewey - Philosopher / Educational Reformer

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.

Albert Einstein - Theoretical Physicist



Imagine, design, build, make mistakes, try again, improve, learn, share with the world. Become a part of this great community and improve yourself.

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Makey Kisisel Setler If you are new to technology, doing yourself-culture, and if you are just beginning to imagine your own projects, the best way to follow is through personal sets. If you have a chance to play with Lego a little bit, you can easily give life to your own designs with these sets that can be used easily by 6 and above all age groups.
Makey Özel Setler If you like to make something and you've done your own design with Makey or different tools before, then the Special Sets are exactly right for you! With these sets you can develop your skills and produce projects in specific areas. You can learn coding, working on robotic and mechanical systems, or control your designs remotely.
Makey Eğitim Setleri Makey Education Sets are the right choice for schools, workshops, collaboration, offices, maker workshops or mobile workshops. You can work in groups and produce larger projects. You can easily use Education Sets to train individuals who can adapt to today's world and start STEM / STEAM education at your institution.
If you need custom solutions for your organization, you can group different products and benefit from our discounts by creating your own sets. You can contact us to get the most suitable kits, or you can leave a message and and we call you.

Do you need a custom solution? We can call you.

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